Unsurprisingly, Kris Jenner Has Been Killing the Bag Game Lately

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Dior unveils five new watches in celebration of its 70th anniversary

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It’s been a high ride for Dior in the last few years. The iconic label has presented us with some top-notch horological beauties in the recent past and it’s back again to weave magic on our wrists with the introduction of five stunning pieces. Each of these exclusive watches spell class the Dior way and are a unique representation of the brand’s 70 yearlong existence.

Introduced specially in time for the label’s 70th anniversary celebrations, the watches each bear a luxe golden touch that draws a not so subtle reference to the iconic saga of Dior. As part of the new collection, the brand has introduced new versions of the La Mini D de Dior as well as the Dior VIII Montaigne. As for the former, the signature ribbon-bracelet pattern has been replicated again, only this time with weaves of a thousand gold fibers. The watch will appear in two variants, one with a classic gold dial and another in teal for a one on one U.S release.

Next, we have three editions of the Dior VIII Montaigne that also come in exclusive gold versions – each carrying unique geometric patterns in gold along with a smothering of diamonds. The trio carry a patterned leather strap and demonstrated use of herringbone, caning, and houndstooth patterns, all staple to Dior’s seven decades of operations. This indeed is a supreme way of bringing in the brand’s 70th anniversary. Care to partake in the celebrations?

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Moynat: Singapore’s First Boutique To Open At Ngee Ann City

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I’m feeling all kinds of excited as I’m typing this, since the brand I’ve been following both online (and off) for at least the last 5 years will be opening her very first gallery in Singapore. Yes, boys and girls, French luxury atelier Moynat will finally be opening her doors to all next week (Friday, 28 July 2017) at Ngee Ann City.

Founded in 1849 and revived in 2011, Singapore will be only the 9th country in the world (and the first country in Southeast Asia) to have her own Moynat boutique. So what can you expect from one of my favourite brands that pride itself in using only the best of the best, from the dedicated craftsmen to the finest leathers (both of which I’ve witnessed firsthand)? Well, for starters, beautifully designed bags dreamt up by Artistic Director Ramesh Nair, taking inspiration from its founder Pauline Moynat who was (and still is) the only female trunk maker in history when she launched the label back in the 1800s.

At Singapore’s Moynat Gallery you’ll find trunks, bags, leather goods and textiles for both men and women (some of which you’ll see if you follow this link), along with the opportunity to customise your own bags and trunks. Even Moynat’s signature personalisation service, where an artist will hand-paint initials on your bags, will be available here.

Also, if you are keen to have a look at what Moynat has to offer (and find out more about what they do, how they do it and have an up-close and personal look yourself), I’ll be at the boutique on 28 and 29 July (and reliving my memories from being a Metro salesgirl salesboy), so if you want get a quick introductory tour from yours truly, simply leave a comment here, drop me an email or even DM me on Instagram and I’ll set the appointment up. See you all next week.

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Brands Now Want to Sell You Dustbags Made of Leather and Call Them Clutches

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This Prada Paperclip is designed to use as a money clip. It’s made in Italy and crafted from sterling silver. What’s more? There is a little Prada logo engraved on it.

You can get the same paperclip without the logo, not made in Italy and silver, for $0,02 ct per paperclip at Amazon. So is this price outrageous? What do you think?

Measuring 6.25 x 2.25 (L x W) cm, for $185

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Rihanna and Her Dior Saddle Bag

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